3 Life Settlement Trends to Watch in 2019

Insurance professionals have monitored the life settlements industry with a watchful eye in the aftermath of the significant market contraction a decade ago.

But after working through some challenges related to regulation, capital flow and underwriting, the life settlements industry is coming off another year of growth in 2018 and seems poised to remain on that steady growth trajectory.

Conning & Co. released an independent study of the market in November titled “Life Settlements: Continued Growth, Positive Outlook.” The report said, “The volume of new settlements continues to increase, a positive indicator for growth in the number of in-force life settlements.”

Another independent market study conducted in 2018 was published last June by The Deal, in which they reported a 19 percent increase in life settlement transactions during the prior year.

As we embark on a new year, we see three prominent trends in the life settlements industry:

  1. Direct-to-consumer marketing.
  2. Technology advancements that improve underwriting.
  3. More capital flowing into the asset class.


Insurance News Article dated February 6, 2019

By Darwin Bayston

Link to full article:  https://insurancenewsnet.com/innarticle/3-life-settlement-trends-to-watch-in-2019#.XUSl_EdJlEY


A Million Dollars Ain’t What it Used to Be

Q&A with

William I Meyer – Managing Partner of NW Life Funds, LP – www.StrategicGroupNW.com

Mike Verdun – Seasoned Financial Services Professional  – www.lifeyoucancounton.com



Message from the Fund Manager

Change is a moveable force.  It happens whether we like it, want it or not.  You can resist change, fight it, ignore it, or you can go with it and put forward the effort to make its force positive.  It can push us towards renewal.  The life insurance industry has gone through several periods of transformation, instigated by key historical events and changes in consumer needs.  When I began my career in the life insurance industry in 1981, I was young, enjoying success, a wonderful family, and focus on a bright future.  Living under the guise of all is good today, so it will be good tomorrow, oblivious to the fast pace and toll of time.  Without pomp and circumstance, without warning, time and change have a way of defining life.  I have witnessed the evolution of the life insurance industry as time and change have redefined the foundation from a love product purchased to protect a family into one of the strongest capital wealth formations of our country. My 39 years in the life insurance industry, has brought me the wisdom as we grow in life we discover time is also precious.

Early in my career the life insurance industry was experiencing a huge goom and I gained the privilege of several mentors who were dedicated to the foundation of this great industry.  Men who helped shape my view of the world.  Great men who believed in the positive social impact and financial legacy of the life insurance industry; Theodore Shallock, former head actuary of Mutual of New York, Skip Kerr a Professor at the American College and Matt Cole head of new products committee with Mutual of New York.  In times of prosperity and deep depression, the industry has remained a resilient, pliable and steadfast investment asset.  As the impact of life insurance trends towards the retirement and long-term care markets, I believe life settlement funds such as NW Life Funds, LP is an agent for positive change and impact, an expressive celebration of life in its many forms.  Join me if you will in this.

By William I Meyer,

      Managing Partner

      NW Life Funds, LP